Thursday, August 30, 2012

New format for Windows users.

We have bundled nubuilder with the UwAmp package - a very nice self contained WAMP stack.

To use it - download the latest EXE (go to for the link) and run it.

Sounds too easy.

Well, you might have to ensure that you don't have something running on port 80, but other than that, it will extract itself into (by default) the C:\uwamp directory, and run itself. From there the control panel allows you to pop open the default website, phpmyadmin, and the wwwroot dir - as well as change ini settings and start/stop the services.

The databases (sample and sampleNuFinancial) are already in phpmyadmin, the sites are set up, it is that simple.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Non English nuBuilder

nuBuilder version is now out.

It now supports other languages through a translation table.

That swaps, what were hard coded English phrases, into your own.

We have also added support for the Euro currency format, which will be of use in Europe and South America.