Thursday, February 20, 2014

nuBuilder Pro is Here!

After 12 months spent completely rewriting nuBuilder, we are now proud to present to the world nuBuilder Pro (version 3).

Here's the team that have got it done.

Clockwise from the top middle.

  • Jarad Anderson - The first developer to create a large nuBuilder Pro application (over the last 6 months) for a real customer (a transport company).
  • Me - Main designer and developer.
  • Shane Gelven - Maintaining Github and Youtube, creating initial css styles and redesigning .
  • Ken Ear and Ben Ramsey (both currently studying engineering at The University of Adelaide) - development, bug fixing, documenting and creating video tutorials for nuBuilder.

You can find it in our github repository .
Here's the link to documentation ,
and here are some video tutorials .

Our focus will now be on the following 2 things..
  1. nuAdmin (a tool we will be offering as part of an online subscription hosting option we will be providing).
  2. A free MS Access to nuBuilder Pro convertion tool.

If you wondering what nuBuilder Pro is..

nuBuilder Pro a is tool for creating fast web-based business applications, using technologies such as PHP, Javascript, SQL, AJAX, jQuery and JSON.

It has all the components needed by a developer to build Forms and Reports and specify access levels for different users.

All customization done to a nuBuilder Application (including PHP and Javascript code) is stored in its database making it easy to backup and restore.

Unlike many other tools used to build web applications, which ‘develop’ on the desktop and “publish” it to the web, all nuBuilder development is done in the browser and is instantly available to the user. This makes it truly cloud based.

Most fully cloud based tools like nuBuilder are hosted on sites that cannot be moved. Allowing customisation but no real ownership. (A bit like buying furniture for your house, but not being able to take it with you when you leave.)

nuBuilder is Open Source so you can customize it all you need and host it wherever you want.

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Jonas S. said...

Congratulations to the nuBuilderPro team!

I loved using nuBuilder and it seems the right time to return and get started with this newest and greatest version.

Thank you.