Monday, October 5, 2009

Who owns the code?

Much of the software industry expects that it can charge thousands of dollars to develop custom software for you, then expects to retain ownership of that software for themselves, therefore allowing them to resell it to others (often competitors).

With a lot of software you buy, you pay for it in the form of licensing fees, either yearly, per user or both.

In either of these cases its very unlikely you'll get a copy of the code (the human readable script that is needed if you want to make changes).

This means you can end up paying for something someone else owns and paying for it multiple times.

That's not the way we work.

We charge by the hour and you get to own the finished product (along with the code). The only thing you don't own is the platform it is written on, nuBuilder, but that is free to use anyway. So you get to use nuBuilder along with your customised application whereever you want as many times as you want.

One more thing.

If you need changes to something we wrote for you or want something new, we are here to help. Or you could attempt it yourself using the free online help we provide on our web site.

We don't lock anyone into anything.