Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Sneak Peak at nuBuilder version 3

Here are some of the highlights in Version 3..

Version 3 of nuBuilder has been written from scratch from the ground up using some of the latest technologies.

  • PDO - PHP Data Object This will hopefully allow developers to choose the own DB, the default still being mySQL. 
  •  jQuery / AJAX - nuBuilder 3 is written with its own API in mind. Data comes and goes from the server as JSON objects, with nuBuilder Browse and Edit Forms being built client side with jQuery. This will allow the development of Apps on various devices. 
  •  TextAreas use for PHP Javascript or SQL are color coded as to prompt what it is supposed to contain. 
  • Resizable Forms allowing for better fit on Mobile Browsers.
  • Nicer look for Forms and the Report Writer.

  • nuBuilder version 3 will also make greater use of nuBuilder “Hash Variables” within custom PHP Javascript and SQL, making it even more flexible. 
  •  The 3rd Breadcrumb (on the Edit Form) allows for a more descriptive Title related to that record, using SQL and Hash Variables.
  • Styles will now come from a simple css that can be edited in a TextArea under Setup. This is just one small change of many that will allow much easier updating to later versions. 
  •  nuBuilder 3 has much more readable (neater) code for developers or contributors to follow. 
Hopefully it will be in Beta in August or September.