Sunday, March 31, 2019

nuBuilder CSS Styles

They say if you are trying to sell a house don't put up any wallpaper because you might think its an improvement but your preferences might not be the same as a potential buyer's.

Leave things as plain as you can so that the buyer can add their own style to the property.

That's what we have done with nuBuilder Forte. We have left the style plain so that users can add their own.

And it's pretty easy.

Here is a simple example...

Add the following in the Header Tab of Setup:



.nuButton {border-radius: 8px;}
.nuCellOdd{background-color : #F0F0F0;}
.nuCellEven{background-color : white;}
.nuTabHolder{background-color : #E0E0E0;}
.nuBrowseTitle{background-color : #E0E0E0;}
.nuEditBody{background-color : #F5F5F5;}
.nuRECORD{background-color : #F5F5F5;}
.nuTabSelected{background-color : #F5F5F5;}



And this is what you'll get: