Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Italian and Malay Languages added to nuBuilder Forte.

With the help of Google Translate we have now added Italian and Malay Translations.

Which brings the list of translations to 10...

  1. Italian
  2. Malay
  3. Arabic
  4. Chinese
  5. German
  6. Greek
  7. Hindi
  8. Russian
  9. Spanish
  10. Vietnamese

Monday, December 18, 2017

Why is nuBuilder Forte low-code?

Here is a comparison between nuBuilder 3 and the new nuBuilder 4.

What does it take to total values from a subform column and put them in another field?

nuBuilder Pro (3) ...

nuBuilder Forte (4) ...

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Look out world!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 11th December 2017

nuSoftware is proud to announce the release of nuBuilder Forte.

The 4th version of its Application Development Tool is now a low-code, open-source alternative for Citizen Developers.

Adelaide, South Australia

A Citizen Developer is typically a person not employed as a programmer, that builds software applications to help manage processes inside a business. 

Often because an IT department is too busy with other projects.

The release of nuBuilder Forte gives the growing community of Citizen Developers an open-source alternative for low-code software development. 

Allowing developers to own what they create and host it wherever they want.

Building applications for such things as...
  • Invoicing.
  • Customer Relation Management. (CRM)​
  • Asset Tracking.
Like other low-code vendors, nuBuilder Forte uses design tools to vastly reduce the need for custom written code.

Tools that...
  • Build Forms
  • Build Reports
  • Create Calculated fields.
  • Build SQL Statements.
  • Drag, drop and resize Objects.

Most of these vendors provide access to their low-code tools through a model called Platform as a Service (PaaS).
Which generally locks the developer in to using only that vendor, because any application created on their platform will only work on their platform.

Even low-code applications can take hours to build and cost thousands of dollars to create. 

Which means that if these systems become crucial to the running of a company, it may create risk management issues that the developer  has no control over.

Issues with the vendor like increasing charges to access the application they have created or even the vendor going out of business.

Shane Gelven - General Manager of nuSoftware, says "Its like renting a house and filling it with expensive furniture that you can't take with you if you move."

But nuBuilder Forte is designed to contain everything created by the developer in its database.

This includes...
  • Forms
  • Reports
  • Custom Code
  • Data

This makes it easy for developers to backup and restore applications to whereever they want and not be locked into any one vendor's platform.

More information on nuBuilder Forte can be found at www.nubuilder.com.

Friday, December 1, 2017

nuBuilder Forte release

nuBuilder 4 will be released in the next few days.

But here are some links now.

There is no upgrade path from version 3 to version 4.

As a small team, we have been focused on other priorities.


Version 3 and version 4 can live in that same database as their system files either start with zzzsys_ or zzzzsys_ and all reports designed with version 3 can be cut and pasted into version 4 as they use the same JSON object.