Monday, July 23, 2012

Convert MS Access to the Web

If you want to start moving your MS Access databases to the Web, then here's a free tool to help you get started.

Version 1.0 of A2N will create Forms from Access Forms, Reports from Access Reports and convert Access Tables into mySQL Tables (including Indexes).

This video explains how..

You can download it here.. A2N

Thursday, July 5, 2012

More nuBuilder Enhancements

We are always trying to improve the experience for nuBuilder users.

Our lastest version 2.7.1 does this in a couple of ways, and both of these improvements have to do with the Lookup's Browse Form.

Firstly we have embedded this Browse Form into an iFrame so that the user doesn't need to jump to a new window, just so they can make their selection.

Secondly while in this new Lookup's Browse Form, if the user clicks on a record with the Ctrl key down, rather than choose the item they will be taken to its Edit Form where they can make changes on the fly.

We have also reengineered Access Levels to allow an administrator to create simpler permissions to Forms. As well as giving them the ability to remove Activities like Save or Add for that Form for that specific Access Level.

As well as fixing some bugs along the way as we start to focus more on PDF reports and less on HTML reports.